Plant This Vegetation In Your Yard To Create Privacy

13 June 2023
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If you've recently moved into a new home and are assessing the yard, you may feel that this space doesn't offer the level of privacy that you want. Privacy is important for many people; the last thing you want when you're relaxing outdoors is for your neighbors to have a direct line of sight to where you're sitting or laying. There are several different ways to create privacy in your yard, including planting various types of vegetation. Certain vegetation offers a lush appearance that can create a surprisingly solid barrier. Here are some types of vegetation to consider when your goal is privacy. 


Cedar is an effective type of plant for creating privacy around the perimeter of your yard, thanks to its lush leaves. While a cedar tree is one idea to consider, many people plant a cedar hedge along one edge of their property. This row of vegetation essentially plays the role of a fence, and you can trim the hedge to your preferred size and even shape. A big advantage of using cedar as a privacy plant is that it doesn't lose its leaves in the winter, giving you privacy throughout the year.


Another good plant to consider when you want to create privacy in your yard is boxwood. Like cedar, you can buy several individual boxwood plants and position them to form a hedge. This is a lush plant that is almost impossible to see through. While a small boxwood bush can be a decorative addition to a garden in your front yard, a row of these plants along the edge of your property will ensure that your neighbors aren't able to see you and your family. This is another type of plant that you can trim to a desired shape, making it a stylish addition to your yard.


Holly is deeply associated with Christmas, and you might not realize that this plant can be a good one to grow in your yard. Its thick appearance makes it effective as a privacy barrier, and its uniquely shaped leaves, which are surprisingly shiny, give it a pleasing appearance. Holly plants produce red berries, which makes this type of vegetation more visually appealing than some others. Even though the berries aren't edible, you'll appreciate the splash of color that they offer.

Contact a local landscaping service or a plant nursery to learn more about privacy plants.