3 Preparation Tips For Successfully Installing Sod In Your Lawn

2 December 2014
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If your lawn has bare spots, you may decide to spruce it up by laying down sod. Before you begin, however, increase your chance of a successful installation by using the preparation tips listed below.

Select The Right Sod For Your Region

Before you choose the type of grass you want in your lawn, do a little research on the type of sod that will do best in your region. This is important because not all grass will grow in certain climates.

For example, you may dream of having a lush lawn full of Kentucky bluegrass that blooms every spring. However, if you live in Texas, the hot, dry climate will make the sod shrivel up before it has a chance to take root. Instead, you could choose ryegrass since it is better suited for the conditions in that region.

If you do decide to plant sod that is not suited for your area, you will need to compensate for the lack of an ideal climate. For example, if you choose to plant bluegrass in Texas, you will have to water the grass at least two or three times a day to give it enough moisture to thrive.

Remove Obstacles From The Planting Area

When preparing the dirt for sod installation, it needs to be as fine and obstacle-free as possible. This includes removing any sticks, rocks, or roots. If any remain on or directly below the surface, the roots will not have enough soil to latch on to. The result could be brown, dead spots on your lawn.

When removing objects, first start with those items that you can see. Either pull, cut, or dig them out. After everything visible has been removed, use a garden rake to carefully feel below the surface. Wherever you feel resistance, dig down in that area to find the object.

Once everything has been removed, fill up any holes with extra dirt. Then, use the garden rake to smooth and refine the surface. The more loose the soil is before the sod is placed, the more easily the roots will take hold.

Spray The Soil With A Homemade Fertilizer

Before you place the sod, you will need to add nourishment to the waiting soil to increase the chances of healthy, green grass. Instead of buying a chemical fertilizer, you can make one yourself that will provide ample amounts of phosphorus, ammonia, and nitrogen.

The beer, cola, and ammonia provide the nutrients for the soil, while the dish detergent allows them to stick to the soil longer so they have time to penetrate. The mouthwash included in this recipe will kill any grubs that are lurking in the dirt, ready to feed on your new lawn.

When using this homemade fertilizer, spray it on the planting area 24 hours before you plan on installing the sod. This will allow the strength of the ammonia to dissipate enough so that it will not burn the tender roots. Also, do not spray the fertilizer if there is rain in the forecast because it will wash it away prematurely.

In a hose-end sprayer, mix together one can each of beer and cola, a half of a cup each of mouthwash and ammonia, and a quarter of a cup of dish detergent. Do not use light beer or diet cola, since the higher sugar content is desired. Also, do not use antibacterial detergent that could kill beneficial microbes in the soil.

Place the sprayer on your garden hose and spray a fine mist over the planting area until the soil is saturated. 

After all of the preparations have been made, it will be time to lay down your new sod. You can either do this yourself or hire a professional service to do it for you.