Why Every Farmer And Gardener Needs To Compare Chemical And Organic Fertilizers

7 October 2017
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Are you a farmer? Perhaps you are someone who has your own garden and enjoy producing your own produce. Under both of these instances, you have likely heard about the trend of organic foods. You may have never considered organic fertilizer for farming though. Many farmers and gardeners use chemical fertilizers. This is mainly because it has been the norm for many years. You may have never considered how chemical fertilizers impact the environment. The following points will help you yo understand why you should consider using organic fertilizer.


Chemical fertilizers are dangerous because they can result in injuries to unassuming children and pets. They can also wreak havoc on individuals who use them without wearing protective gear. Some people have allergic reactions when their skin comes into contact with chemical fertilizers. There are others who have negative reactions to them if they do not wear masks when using them.


Chemical fertilizers include ingredients such as phosphate. When it rains, these chemicals can get washed off into ecosystems and cause damage to wildlife. It is also possible for them to end up in water sources. They can encourage the growth of algae and also negatively impact aquatic life. Organic fertilizers do not pose the same risks since they are made from natural biodegradable ingredients.

Soil Enrichment

Organic fertilizers can improve the structure of soil, The end result is plants and crops that can grow longer roots. They also may need less water due to the long roots. This results in water conservation as well as soil that has a better pH. Certain plants and crops grow better based on the pH of the soil they are growing in. Chemical fertilizers can negatively impact soil pH resulting in crop issues and other problems.

Plant Protection

Most farmers and gardeners pride themselves on the produce and plants that they produce. The use of chemical fertilizers might be ideal for some plants. However, it can be detrimental to others. It is possible for certain chemical fertilizers to chemically burn certain plants. This is a concern that is eliminated when organic fertilizers are used since they come from recycled farm goods such as compost and cottonseed meal. 

A garden and farm supply company is a good resource to use to learn even more reasons why organic fertilizers, like Nature Safe, are ideal. They can advise you on which fertilizers are OMRI listed fertilizers. They can also offer you valuable information of organic crop production fertilizers.